Andrea Joseph: “Sepia One”



Yay! Andrea Joseph’s first Moleskine is done.

"The Sepia One. It’s taken me about 300 hours of drawing over the last twenty months…"

Check out the FLICKR photoset.

Visit Andrea’s blog.

*Can’t wait for Sepia Two. These insanely detailed drawings leave me (almost) speechless. What can you say?

6 thoughts on “Andrea Joseph: “Sepia One”

  1. Good to see Andrea get her time at Moleskinerie! She is my absolute favorite and I have her blog on my bloglist… This is amazing work and I enjoy it tremendously.

  2. This is fantastic. Too bad we don’t still have the great large format record album art like we did in the old days of the LP record. This would have been such a cool record album cover.

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