Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia



Notcot’s Jane Aw reviews the site KnoWine and guess what…they have customized Moleskine.

‘Inspiration + awesome web design + mind blowing packaging design + wine + customized moleskine + education + amusement? Does it really get any better? I don’t even know where to start talking to you about how impressed and fascinated i am with the Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia site"

More at Notcot.


*Your impressions of the site? …and notebook.

2 thoughts on “Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia

  1. Not surprised… I saw my first Moleskines (and Rhodia notepads) in “the wild” at the (then) Niebaum Coppola Vineyard gift shop years ago… evidently francis is a bit of a notebook hound…

  2. I like the variegated look like this–with stamps and rubber stamps and writing on top of it, I’ve just always liked it.

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