Inspiration: Kate Parkinson

A page from Kate Parkinson’s notebook. Kate has worked for many years as a senior designer/illustrator. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and the University of Guelph, she has also studied painting and illustration and computer graphic design.Her... Read More


About last summer….

Jade Tremblay emailed us with a remembrance of the summer just past. "I recently took a bunch of pictures off of my camera that I had forgotten about and found what I feel is an amazing picture of a couple... Read More


Windows 2008

No, not that Windows ®. Some snaps of displays from participating dealers of the Windows into Creativity. "This extraordinary project, which includes an eye catching window display, is meant to inspire you to continue to create beautiful art. To further... Read More


Sighting: “Bones”

Kalila Borden reports: "I just saw the charred remains of a Moleskine on tonight’s episode of "Bones."  If you look carefully, you can see the elastic band hanging off to the side…" Related: "Bones" Official Website This reminds me of... Read More


Patrick Ng’s “mind.Depositor”

Our friend Patrick Ng has come up with a GTD/hipsterPDA cover. "As an advocate of David Allen’s GTD practice, I constantly look for ways to improve my productivity and organize the million things around me.  Inspired by Merlin Mann’s hipster... Read More


Andrea Joseph: “Sepia One”

Yay! Andrea Joseph’s first Moleskine is done. "The Sepia One. It’s taken me about 300 hours of drawing over the last twenty months…" Check out the FLICKR photoset. Visit Andrea’s blog. *Can’t wait for Sepia Two. These insanely detailed drawings... Read More


Update: Moly_X group number 13

Nice letter from Anna Denise to introduce Samantha Zaza’s Japanese fold Moleskine, a part of their group, Moleskine Exchange 13 (Moly_X group number 13): "The book is now in its second cycle and I think it’s simply amazing. All four... Read More