Patrick Ng’s “mind.Depositor”



Our friend Patrick Ng has come up with a GTD/hipsterPDA cover.

"As an advocate of David Allen’s GTD practice, I constantly look for ways to improve my productivity and organize the million things around me.  Inspired by Merlin Mann’s hipster pda, I set out to create my very own version I called mind.Depositor…"

Check it out at Patrick’s blog, "Scription"

*GTD fans out there?

3 thoughts on “Patrick Ng’s “mind.Depositor”

  1. I really have fun looking at all of the Moleskine hacks on the web. The GTD appeals to me not because I would use the system but the idea of plain notebooks and paper clips–like there’s a stationary store, a wierd one near my house, and they have the ugliest office supplies and many of them are 30 years old. And I have to go in there and buy some of it because I just keep looking at it and the clerk thinks I’m about to start shoplifting!

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