Rickshaw BagWork’s Moleskine Folio

Mark Dwight introduces the latest Moleskine folio build.

"I posted a new video about the latest revision of my moleskine folio. I demonstrate the customization process…"

Watch the video

I believe this is the most extensive effort to make a case for this brand so far.

5 thoughts on “Rickshaw BagWork’s Moleskine Folio

  1. I’m very impressed by the product so far. And I like the fact that they have several ideas regarding the fabrics. I wonder if they’ll also add to this textured fabrics?

  2. Thanks for your comments. We’re currently making custom folios for the 15 people who contacted me. You can see them as we make them on our flickr photostream. I just want to make sure we don’t have any “fatal” design flaws before we make them generally available. I should know in a few weeks, then we’ll officially launch the product. Thanks to Patrick for posting my videos, and to all of you who have given me great feedback so far. Happy New Year from San Francisco! -Mark

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