Russell Stutler on Moleskine


Russell Stutler, an illustrator based in Tokyo has a nice article about the watercolor Moleskine and how he makes the most of it.

"The watercolour notebook even took fountain pen
ink very well as one would expect since it is intended for wet media.
Those who like to sketch in ink may have difficulty with the regular
Moleskine sketchbook, depending on what type of ink they use. Of course
if your ink tool of choice is a ballpoint pen, then you can sketch on
just about anything. Pigment pens such as the Micron also work fairly
well, as do gel pens. However, those who sketch with a fountain pen
will find that most inks will bead up in the regular Moleskine
sketchbook. The only fountain ink I’ve used successfully with the
sketchbook is Platinum’s Carbon black ink, and even this ink does
feather slightly, and doesn’t go on as black as it should…."

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