Sighting: “House, M.D.”


Multiple sightings of a notebook at House, MD.

"I think I might have spotted a Moleskine in last night’s episode of House, MD
(Let Them Eat Cake) in the scene where Thirteen comes home to find
Foreman reading what I think is a journal she keeps of her medical
problems. He holds it up to her, open, and it looks like a ‘skine to
me, with the elastic band being used to keep the pages open…."


"Spotted on last week’s episode of House–a quick look at Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley’s notebook…"


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Emily admits that she’s not entirely sure if its a Moleskine. "…still not sure if it’s a real Moleskine, though…Look like it, but the large squares on the page throw me…"

2 thoughts on “Sighting: “House, M.D.”

  1. I think it’s a plain notebook, and she made the squares herself because in the episode, the character is going through clinical trials, and she was keeping up with the meds she took and everything.

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