The Dark Ages: in celebration of the little black book


Time Online’s Kate Muir attends an event on a cold, winter night in London and leaves with an observation that includes our favorite little black book.

"He opens his mouth. With one accord, the audience
takes out its black Moleskine notebooks, snaps back the black elastic
holding the pages, and begins writing on the thick cream pages. Disciples,
taking down the word of God…"

"The Dark Ages: in celebration of the little black book"

Read Kate’s full post here.

*I remember one press interview that began with this line: "We had to call you after witnessing a board meeting where each one pulled out a Moleskine, as if on cue…".

Your communal Moleskine experience?

2 thoughts on “The Dark Ages: in celebration of the little black book

  1. £26 to see Gladwell?

    Sheesh…you can buy a whole lot of notebooks for that, and catch the same Gladwell schtick for free on TV.

  2. I’ve been to creative think tank-type gathering and invariably the room will be filled with folks recording the speaker with Garage Band on their MacBooks and writing down notes and drawing in their Moleskines–sending text messages via iPhone. It reminds of when you used to get a list of school supplies from the teacher at the beginning of the academic year–but for grown ups.

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