Update: “mind.Depositor”



Here’s an update on last week’s feature in Patrick Ng’s "mind.Depositor" with downloadable 4×6 GTD index card template.

"Instead of just inserting plain index cards for random note taking, I created a GTD template to print 4 tabs on these 4×6 index cards: Next Actions, Projects, Wait for, Someday/maybe.  The tabs are highly useful to classify index cards into groups, just check the box and start writing to-dos.  I also used plastic index cards from KOLO’s Havana box to divide "Office Work" and "Personal" index cards (labeling done with Dymo’s embossers).  I wish I can find better quality index cards in cream color but it is difficult, so for now I’m settled with these ugly blue lined index cards…"

For the template, visit Patrick’s blog.

*Anybody tried these yet?

2 thoughts on “Update: “mind.Depositor”

  1. The better question is–Do you use the GTD system, and what do you think about it? I haven’t seen a discussion about it, but people really swear by it. For me a regular to do list seems to do the trick. Just like a lot of these Moleskine “hacks”–they’re so cool even though these guys go through a headache to turn out a planner very close to what they can buy. I’m like, What’s the point? half the time but I still think they’re fun to look at!

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