Update: Windows into Creativity


Some of the postcards sent in for "Windows into Creativity."

"This postcard is our invitation to you to show us the view from your
window! Simply hold this postcard up in front of your most creative
stories, inspirations and ideas and send them to windows@moleskine.com.

*I love the photograph of the buildings. What’s your idea?

2 thoughts on “Update: Windows into Creativity

  1. I’m having a bit of trouble connecting to Moleskine’s corporate server for this project. But I’m also confused by the project’s scope. I think of a “postcard” as something that is supposed to glued together and mailed to Moleskine. Maybe one places this mask directly on top of one’s moley drawings or prose. I’m not seeing the exercise validated by merely shooting through a tiny mask held up in front of a digital camera. The depth of field and focus issues are beyond the capabilities of most point-n-shooters.

    david boise ID

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