Video: Emilia Yusof

Video of Emilia Yusof’s Moleskine.

"I have been drawing and painting since I was old enough to pick up a pencil, and from then sketching and painting became something of an obsession. During secondary school, my teacher, Mrs. Lee taught me how to love art and do it well. Art became more of a focus in my life since then. Although I didn’t really have the chance to further my study in art, I would paint every then and now just to enhance my skill. I realized that the place for me in the “real world” has to involve art…"

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[Thanks Rhomany!]

*The music "Dare to Dream" is so appropriate for the slide show. Ever thought of a theme song for your notebook?

2 thoughts on “Video: Emilia Yusof

  1. This is nice, and the question is really good, I never thought about a theme song for my notebook but now I think of it, I always listen to music when i draw or write in my journal, and i will often write some lyrics with my drawings so these days my theme songs would be from Coldplay, maybe Politik of Shiver or Yellow or Viva la Vida…. everyday i fell in love with a new song!

  2. Hello! Wow! I’ve just got a ping in my blog and quickly came here! Thank you so much for featuring me in here! Such an honor for a small own girl like me!

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