Cahier Mods


From Markoen Flos (aka TeleC@ster)

"This is my hack:

For various purposes I also use three small cahiers but loose they are not that handy (too handy)

Once I bought a moleskine diary (small, daily) but decided not to use it after  the medium 1 and half year version came out. I could not throw it away and because I entered my name and one month of data, I
also could not give it to somebody else (a used diary is so personal if not dirty for someone else)
I sat on it for a year and than still I could not throw it away. Then I saw the light.

Now I use it to hold my three cahiers. The interior of the diary, well that I could throw away."

That's the story, See the pictures.




7 thoughts on “Cahier Mods

  1. Cool! This is something I’d thought about doing, perhaps coloring the edges of the cahiers and also adding a few ribbon markers to make a divided, multi-subject notebook.

  2. This is actually a very interesting subject. I’ve been guilty of ripping notebooks apart (I had some problems)–what I salvaged was the paper and not the covers which I kind of regret when I see things like this. I have lined and unlined paper, watercolor paper, cardstock from a sketchbook (which I didn’t destroy but merely needed to take some of my artwork out). I’m letting my subconscious come up with a way to reconstitute it because the paper is all the same size. I may make some kind of a book with writing and then some artwork and then figure out if I were going to bind it some way (on my own or going to some kind of a shop depending on how “precious” it all becomes).

  3. I don’t understand. Why not buy the “normal” notebook, instead of cahiers inside?
    Cool idea, I’m sure, but could someone enlighten me here please?

  4. @yes

    I can explain. I use notebooks chronologically. That is I write in them and when they are filled they go to my archive. Sometimes i make a summary.
    I bought cahiers to keep data like password reminders, songs i play on my guitar or are on the wishlist and one as a vacation checklist for our little camper. Too few information for one whole small notebook but important enough to put in in a quality cahier.
    Well, now i can bind the three cahiers.
    Me happy 😉

  5. Thanks for the details, Telecaster, now I see. 🙂
    So, it’s like binder that can constantly change as you archive books.. nice! If I used cahiers, I’d try this.

  6. Love it! Just did it with my old soft skin moleskine diary (for 2007) and it fits my two cahiers perfectly! I use mine for essay ideas and more I’d like to research in connection with my studies. Thank you so much for the idea. To think I almost just missed an oppurtunity to use my beautiful soft covers. It fits to cahiers perfectly and I get to have a pocket and so on. Me happy!

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