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David S has started a discussion on highlighters for our notebooks.

Hola, I am investigating using Highlighters in my moleskines for a variety of reasons–mostly information that I want to copy somewhere else is getting harder to find! Is anyone else is doing this? So far my experience has been very informative…The first thing I learned is that Highlighter appears to be a brand name for "accent pens", who knew?

The next thing that I learned is that different inks respond VERY differently to being written over with an accent pen–I could really use some help with this–right now I am mostly making very bright skid
marks. I am using a Lamy with Parker ink.

Finally, the pen I am using (Paper Mate W20 Highlighter) is doing fairly well on bleed through, but I assume that this can be a major issues. I am looking to move to the Sharpie accent pens (smaller size for pocket use). Has anyone tried those?

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  1. I’ve actually moved to using colored pencils with very thick lead. They don’t bleed through the paper and never dry out. The ones I have were purchased about 5 years ago and I haven’t had to replace them yet. However, I don’t do a high volume of highlighting.

  2. I know some people were using highlighter pens on the edge of the books to keep track of which was which (which you would think would come up more often with notebooks all the same color. So pink for this, and blue for that, a variation on the silver sharpie on the covers.

    I once watched a woman reading a feminist text–highlighting every word. Then of course everything’s important and nothing is important. Some people are gifted at using highlighters and then some of us are mildly retarded with highlighters and only you can tell which it is.

    Sweet story. I had an elderly neighbor who was a quiet person with a small life, and she had made a goal for herself to read the entire Bible. And she highlighted all the passages she had read because I guess it’s pleasant to highlight and she was keeping track. She died and we were looking at how much she had highlighted and exactly where she STOPPED. Which was a very positive and upbeat passage if you’re going to die later in the day. You know, I’ve prepared a place for you and everything’s going to be fine–

  3. Levenger’s has a nice set of 3 highlighter pencils. Or might be had – I picked some up marked down at the store before Christmas.

    For school materials, I really like my Sharpie Liquid Accent set. It has 10 colors, very clear. I haven’t yet run out of colors when trying to highlight different data types. I type up my handwritten notes, so I don’t know how they would work with ink. I often just underline instead of highlighting the text itself when smudging might be an issue.

  4. The problem isn’t necessarilly the highlighter/accent pen… its the ink you’re using. its not water proof so when you highlight over it, its going to smudge and pool. Try putting a written piece of paper with your ink in a sink full of water. its going to destroy it. Thats basically what you’re doing with highlighting but on a smaller scale.

    if you do a lot of highlighting you should consider switching ink. I am assuming its a Lamy fountain pen, I’d recommend using Noodler’s Bulletproof Black inks, as they are waterproof and won’t smudge when you highlight. Or change the pen you’re using (but I don’t like to give up my Lamys either)

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