Engrave your book (or your Moleskine cover)

Engrave Your Book in Portland, Oregon make these one-of-a-kind notebook covers. For those who would rather have a mountain or a black bird to look at instead of the usual cover, here's a variety to choose from. A snip:

"Black Bird by Option-G

Cole Gerst is a graphic artist and painter in Los Angeles, California. Cole heads up the firm, option-g, a multidisciplinary design firm which provides illustration, graphic design, art commisions and animation to the music and entertainment industry…"

More at their blog.

6 thoughts on “Engrave your book (or your Moleskine cover)

  1. > Is it just me, or do these covers look very similar to the ones that Steve Derricott and Paul
    > Saffo developed last year. http://www.moleskinerie.com/2008/02/a-review-of-the.html
    > Anyone know if that’s where Option-G is getting the covers they’re engraving?
    > If so, they’re great covers.

    Umm, I casually know the proprietor at Gfeller Casemakers. The leather cover that Engrave Your Book sells is a knockoff of Derricott’s original design. I do no know who makes it for EYB nor can I make an honest statement about the difference in quality because I have not seen the knockoff.
    This is capitalism in action folks. The marketplace eliminates competition or creates room for more. You’re the consumer! You get to choose! Order an unadorned leather cover directly from the original designer/manufacturer by visiting their website:

    david boise ID

  2. After discovering that laser engraving directly on Moleskine notebooks is an unsafe manufacturing process, I decided to switch to a real-leather alternative. Yes, my covers are similar to Gfeller’s version because there is only so much variation one can achieve with a buckle-less leather cover. My primary goal was to develop a cover that could be laser engraved with artwork edge-to-edge, thus the absence of a leather buckle on the cover. My cover is a cleaner 2-piece design, whereas Steve utilizes 5 pieces. My design is an improvement, not a knockoff, see for yourself at http://www.engraveyourbook.com

  3. I think this will be interesting to some: It turns out that the process used at Modofly is deadly for the engraver. They’re still in business using things other than Moleskine. I think you have to email them and ask what they have in stock. But they were really GREAT while they lasted, and now you’re talking about Moleskines that are going to be rare and hard to find collectors items. REALLY. So you might want to stock up on these. I really think I can sell them 10 years from now at quite a bit more than I’m paying for them now.

  4. > My design is an improvement, not a knockoff, see for yourself at http://www.engraveyourbook.com a copy or imitation, esp. of an expensive or designer product : [as > adj. ] “knockoff merchandise.”

    Perhaps I should have more properly used the term “reinterpretation” to describe your product but, as I said, I have not seen it nor held one in my hands. Hey, send me one!

    Very sorry to have sounded snippy. I maintain this is capitalism in action and the mole and mole-mod marketplace either has room for all of these interesting products or not.

    david boise ID

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