“I have a dream”

4 thoughts on ““I have a dream”

  1. Now I get the whole “first black president” thing and stuff. It’s making history, yadda yadda(despite the fact that Canada’s beat us there by a few decades).

    But I have a bunch of friends who decided that they’re going to all drive to Washington D.C. to stand on the mall, and then drive back.
    I mean, pigs aren’t gonna suddenly fly in Washington because of Obama, people….

  2. Some people want to physically, viscerally and personally experience history.

    As a Canadian, I have to wonder what part of my country’s history I missed? We had a black Prime Minister?

  3. He’s a popular figure right now. The fact that he is black is interesting but the novelty of that will wear off and then we’ll see what he actually has to bring. He could be wonderful or all of the heroics could be unwarranted and I think the African American theme overshadows some of that.

    I will say, pigs are suddenly flying in Washington. This is a big one.

  4. We had a black Liuetenant General of Ontario in Canada. That’s a start.
    If we elect a black prime minister it won’t be a big deal. We have been the most tolerant, non-racist nation in the world for a long time. Forget about the discrimination against the Chinese (National Railroad during good old John A., Japanese, Jews (remember Mackenzie King), etc. in the past.
    However it is a big deal that Obama is elected the 44th pres of the US. Look at their past, did you ever think in your life time you’ll witness this?? I dedicated some pages in my Moleskine log book about this historic event.
    I wish Obama well, he has a tough job ahead. Hope they protect him well.

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