Limited edition Anniversary Design Contest



Welcome to the 5th Year Anniversary of To commemorate this important milestone, we are inviting everyone to help   us design this year's anniversary design. The winning entry will be featured as the cover design on a set of limited edition Moleskine notebooks.


Here's how to join:

Welcome to the 5th Year Anniversary of To commemorate this important milestone, we are inviting everyone to help us design this year's anniversary design. The winning entry will be featured as the cover design on a set of limited edition Moleskine notebooks.

Here's how to join:

– Design the 5th Year anniversary design, which will be featured  prominently on in 2009.
– Entry should reflect your impressions of the Moleskine notebook and the Moleskinerie blog in its 5 years in existence. The number "5" must be part of the design. If you plan on incorporating the (.JPG FORMAT) logo
to use it in accordance to trademark registration.



– 2 color
– Hi Res
– 7×12 cm
– Consider that it will be silkscreened onto a softcover Cahier, and the winning design will need to be converted into Vector art

Send entries as PNG or JPG files via email to Include the artist's/entrant's name, complete mailing address and telephone number.


GRAND PRIZE: design to be featured (and credited) on for the duration of 2009, 5 limited edition Moleskine customized notebooks featuring your design, and an assortment of additional Moleskine products.


The top 10 submissions will be sent a Moleskine customized notebook with the winning design.


1. Contest opens January 15, 2009 and closes February 15, 2009.
Winners will be declared on February 20, 2009.
2. All submitted materials will be considered the property of Moleskine Srl, and that use of the design will need to be allowed in circumstances where we are promoting the Moleskine brand or products. Other uses will not occur without the express written consent of the artists.
3. Custom edition notebooks will not be for sale; the winning artist will not receive any monetary gain from their winning design

Update: 1.23.09

Please note that we've added downloadable logos above for your convenience.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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12 Responses to Limited edition Anniversary Design Contest

  1. Joy Rothke says:

    Yay us.

  2. TeleC@ster says:

    am i crazy?
    my CS3 version of illustrator cannot open the logo eps.

    please give me just the color data of the color green used for the logo.

  3. Billy says:

    I’d really like to enter this but am a little unsure about what will be accepted. Does Vector art mean that the background it’s presented on is irrelevant, as the actual design will be ‘cut out’, if you’ll pardon the crude expression? For instance, can I present it on a whitebackground, or does it need to be on a background the same colour as the notebook?
    The design will be screen printed on the notebook surface.

  4. Billy says:

    Thanks for the quick reply, but I don’t think I can enter this. I never use a PC to create my artwork and consequently feel lost in creating a design. I don’t know what you’re telling me when you say it will screen printed, I don’t know what piece of software to use. I tried creating something in Corel Photopaint, with a 600 dpi setting as you specified hi-res, but when I tried to save the image, it completely messed up the design.

    Anyway, I appreciate this isn’t the place to discuss such matters and it would be wrong of me to expect any tution, so I’ll bow out and leave this to those that know what they’re doing. Shame, though, I’d have loved to enter.

  5. ben says:

    I tried to open you logo eps with adobe illustrator CS3 and could not open it because, I qoute “…The file was generated by a newer version and cannot be opened…” Can you make it in more accessable version?

  6. Joe P. says:

    Can we incorporate the moleskinerie logo into the design? Would it be possible to get a download of the logo?

    Both the Moleskine and Moleskinerie logo may be downloaded from the link above. Thanks!

  7. Sophie Brown says:

    If I draw out a 2 tone design, can I like–scan it from somewhere else? I’m technologically behind. As long as you receive the image–what difference does it make? Can we just draw it and mail it?

  8. Julie says:

    Is there a specific phrase that should be added? Or is the number “5” really the only must have in the cover?

    And it’s only the front cover we’re designing? (i.e. not the spine/back)

    Thank you.

    Hi Julie,
    Only the number “5” is required. The contest only calls for the front cover design.

  9. MrSound says:

    Well well well isn’t it great to reach the long already. 5th year anniversary. Seems like yesterday huh. Anyways Happy Anniv! More power to your site.

  10. steph says:

    What color is the cahier going to be? Will it be black, kraft or one of the new colors?

  11. TeleC@ster says:

    it’s saturday now, but not the 15th 😉

  12. noizze says:

    Hey, it’s 22th of February already, but there’s no results published yet 🙁
    What’s happening?

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