Moleskine by the runway


Jesse sent us a link to this sighting of Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham at the Fashion Week/New York.

[via Spiegel Online]

7 thoughts on “Moleskine by the runway

  1. i get the feeling the moleskines were gifts, notice how the pages lay flat and both women are still on the 1st page? besides that size is too big for their handbags.

  2. This is an old photo, no? Actually, I thought I’d seen it here before.

    I’m pretty sure this is from the Fashion Week finale of one of the last seasons of Project Runway. And I hate myself, a little bit, for knowing that.

  3. This is an old post. I submitted this photo to Moleskinerie the night after I saw the Finale with my wife. Rob, I love you a little bit for knowing that.

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