Moly_X is 1 yrs old!


Happy news from Anna Denise van der Reijden:

Just wanted to let you know that over at Moly_X (the international
Moleskine exchange founded by Marty Harris) we are celebrating our
FIRST anniversary! About a year ago, a group of artists came together
to send Japanese fold Moleskines around the world and share their love
for art and Moleskine! Now, we've got almost 900 members over at the
Flickr group (, almost 1300 shared images (see the Flickr pool) and OVER 65 groups of artists exchanging their books!

For me personally, and I know other participants have experiences this
as well, Moly_X has changed my life. Not only do I get to collaborate
with and learn from great, inspiring artists, I now feel part of a
great, supportive, community and have actually made some friends and
met people from around the world. I know this is only the beginning for
Moly_X, so it would be lovely if Moleskinerie-readers could join in!
Everyone is welcome to participate and join in our Moly-X love!



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