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Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion.

Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic.

Today it is: "New Year's Resolutions"

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9 thoughts on “Open Session : The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

  1. Go gently on yourself and stick with it and don’t concern yourself with not doing it perfectly yesterday starting at midnight.

  2. It was one day! I had a crappy New Year’s Day–It’s just never quite the inspired fresh start you hope for. But life isn’t like that. No cheerleaders, no half-time pep talks after which you magically charge the field and win because you were more determined. It’s consistency. I guess it can be a good jumpstart but then it was just so CRAPPY out, you know.

  3. About half of my new year’s resolutions revolved around using my shiny new Moleskine. Write more often, draw more often, keep personal to do lists, as opposed to those for work. I think this is the year I back away from the race for an arbitrary, gadget-strewn finish line, and just focus on what’s going on in my head. The best way to do that has always been long walks, good pipe tobacco, and a few pages of Moleskine writing.

  4. I saw an interview where Annie Lennox gives advice. Simple but–just have PASSION for whatever it is that you love to do, not worrying at all about the end result, but just grabbing hold of the thing for the sake of the thing itself. “That’s how I think you should do everything.” It makes sense. I guess everyone’s favorite celebrity would say the same but it came through to me.

  5. Hey guys. I never really make New Years resolutions. I followed the theory ‘why wait until january when I can start now’ However this year, I was so fed up with my messy penmanship, I’ve decided to start improving that. I’ve also decided to give up calling people names just to tease them. Like, “Hey what’s up looser.” Why would I do that? It’s obviously not nice. So now I’ll just greet people with a friendly salutation!

  6. Of course, no one should wait till January 1 to start something, but it’s human to actually start anew with the change of the year.

    I have several things on my mind for 2009, not rushing ahead with all of them in January, but definitely planning.

    There’s a good project started by Leo Babuta, author of Zen Habits:

    The Power Of Less Challenge

    You can publicly announce your challenge and stick to it for 30 days, reporting on your progress, helping others (and yourself) with motivation and advice. It’s sometimes very helpful to get support from the outside, or just document your intention somewhere “in public”.

    My resolutions for 2009 are: daily writing (more or less already a habit), fitness, meditation. And making the most of my moleskines.

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