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Limited edition Anniversary Design Contest

REMINDER: THIS CONTEST CLOSES ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15. Welcome to the 5th Year Anniversary of To commemorate this important milestone, we are inviting everyone to help   us design this year's anniversary design. The winning entry will be featured … Continue reading

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Sighting: Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling “Travel Light”

Looks very possibly like a Moleskine in this music video by Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling. [Thanks to Michael Beasley for the link]

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Moleskine by the runway

Jesse sent us a link to this sighting of Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckham at the Fashion Week/New York. [via Spiegel Online]

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Moleskine Pen Sleeves

Jesse sent us links to a set of Moleskine pen sleeves. The top one obviously took home the bacon:) View the FLCKR photoset Etsy Visit Jesse's blog, Media-Digest *Insert lard-scale puns/comments here. C'mon, its Monday:) !

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Samba + Moleskine. Priceless.

Nice sketch for "Red Hot + Rio 2" on the New Yorker by artist Filipe Jardim. [via Notebook Stories. Thanks!] *Musicians on Moleskine, anyone?

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Open Session : The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion. Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic. Today it is: "Winter and the change of seasons" Image: "The Fourth Season" by ABF All rights reserved … Continue reading

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The Moleskine Love Messenger

Chris Tańcula in Poland sent us this link. Just in time for Valentine’s. Quaint! Today’s product is made by a designer who’s been published by Yanko more than once: Cedric Ragot! Ragot brings a simple wooden Moleskine modification kit the … Continue reading

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A Big Clip & Moleskine in Tokyo

Friend Yoko N reports from Tokyo: "ITO-YA, is one of the biggest stationery store in Japan, is opening a City Notebook exhibition. A big red Clip is the sign. I also found a big Moleskine at the window!  This exhibition, … Continue reading

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Daily Routines

A fascinating look at how people organize their days. From Darwin to drug users… [The following is from Francis Darwin’s reminiscences of his father. It summarizes a typical day in Darwin’s middle and later years, when he had developed a … Continue reading

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Ralf Jacobsson asks: A death in the family (no great loss) resulted in my receiving one of your notebooks.  Being an inveterate note taker, it is a gift of joy.  It was Charlie Rose who said: "How do I know … Continue reading

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