Moleskine @ the 2008 Chicago Motivation Show

Ralf Jacobsson asks:

A death in the family (no great loss) resulted in my receiving one of your notebooks.  Being an inveterate note taker, it is a gift of joy.  It was Charlie Rose who said: "How do I know what I’m thinking, if I don’t write it down"?  And for 50 years (or so) I have written my days thoughts, questions and opinions.

Be that as it may, the quotation on my card is "17 of 18".  I take this to mean there are 18 quotations to be read and contemplated. How do I obtain a list?  Are there other ‘lists’?

I would also appreciate knowing where to send pertinent quotes, such as the Charlie Rose  quote stated above.

3 thoughts on ““Postcards”-bookmarks

  1. I’m nonplussed about your throw away comment regarding a death in the family…”no great loss”. It’s truly a sad commentary on someone.

  2. I agree the death comment was unnecessary and sad. Everyone matters to someone.

    To the main reason for comments, I have always wondered about the card numbers and where all of them are listed. Hopefully someone will post a comment about it.

  3. My friend Cheryl used to say, “How do I know what I think, till I see what I say?” She may have been quoting this from elsewhere; I always thought she made it up.

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