Scarlett’s Personal Bead Journal Project “Radiance”


Scarlett Lanson, a contributing editor for Beadwork Magazine has created a Moleskine journal.  She blogs about the beading aspect of the journal ("as the audience for my blog is mainly beaders"),but thought of sharing something that focused on the use of the Moleskine journal in an art piece.

"I used this piece as an opportunity to explore many different embroidery techniques and stitches and is one of the few bead embroidery projects that I have actually completed. I am really proud that I followed through and finished this piece, as I did grow my skills tremendously with this project. I drew inspiration from a source with very special meaning to me, which made the experience and the result pure "Radiance"…"

Read the full article at Scarlett’s blog, "The Beader’s Muse"

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