The Little Red Book of the National Gallery

Recently launched:
'The Little Red Book of the National Gallery' available through their online shop. Great response so far. Here's a snip from their online store.

"New and exclusive: The Little Red Book of the National Gallery. An indispensible pocket guide full of facts not only on National Gallery paintings but almost anything art-related.

Discover which early colours contained arsenic and mercury, the meaning of apples in religious and mythological paintings, and fascinating details on some of the Gallery's rather quirky sculptures…"

Learn more.

5 thoughts on “The Little Red Book of the National Gallery

  1. The UN has Moleskines with their emblem stamped on the front in blue. It was really pretty cool. I bet that places stamping something on their front could become a real and pervasive phenom.

  2. I think buying a pre-printed museum guide in a Moleskine type setup would be far preferable to silly audio tours, captioned descriptions, and useless guide pamphlets.

  3. Interesting idea– is the small book the one with the museum history? Would you guys buy embossed Moleskines of anywhere, just because they are different or only buy items from museums that you love? I wonder how much of a premium would come with them in the future. Would you keep the little “history” books that came with the set, like this, or keep only the blank one after you take the museum tour?

  4. Little Red Book of The National Gallery:
    More and more of custom Moleskines are appearing. I recently bought a couple of Moleskine Notebooks with MOMA (Museum of Modern Art in new York) embossed on them. Then there is the Canadian book Stores Indigo have their own Moleskine Sleeves packaged with a bonus cahier. I am sure there are others. I like the idea of the little “history” books that comes with. I would pay a small premium. Don’t we Moleskine lovers pay a premium just because it is Moleskine? What is another few more dollars. It is an addiction, a hobby and it’s worth it.

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