The Moleskine Love Messenger


Chris Tańcula in Poland sent us this link. Just in time for Valentine’s. Quaint!

Today’s product is made by a designer who’s been
published by Yanko more than once: Cedric Ragot!
Ragot brings a simple wooden Moleskine modification kit the likes of
which Matisse and Hemingway would love to shoot love letters with all
the live-long day: the Love Messenger!

Composed of flat pieces of wood and designed to aid the charity
Vaincre la Mucoviscidose for cystic fibrosis, the Love Messanger is the
gift you can feel good shooting off all day long!

Hit your room-mate with a note that tells them to turn the light off for extra “green points” credit!

Found here. And here.

I can think of a couple I want to seriously hit with this device:) Your "hit" list?