Art News: John Malloy’s First Solo Exhibit


John Malloy wrote to invite everywhere who happens in the D.C. area this weekend to the opening of his first exhibit.

"One Out of A Hundred" opens at Art Whino Gallery, Saturday Feb. 21:

The show's title is in reference to a personal series of 7 fine art works that center around drug side effects as a metaphor for consumer culture's long-term effects on the human spirit. My illustration has appeared in a variety of publications, including BPM, Paste, Faesthetic, Business Week, Lemon Magazine, Minus The Bear, Dazed & Confused, and more…"

Over 40 of his limited edition prints and 50 works of original art, including illustration, fine art, and comics will be on display in the exhibit and for sale.

Art Whino is
just 20 minutes from Washington D.C. Check it out!

Visit his website.