Harry Andreou’s Moleskine Hard Drive Mod


Everyone's talking about Harry Andreou's Moleskine hard drive mod. We took time to request permission to repost some of his photos and comments.

having a book as enclosure of my portable hard drive for a year, I
realized i wanted something more.. "classy". A friend of mine got a
gift card for 25 euros, and got himself a moleskine to use it as a
notebook. he had some money left on the gift card and got me one as

Im not the person who makes notes though.

This resulted in a nice enclosure for my hard drive. Temperatures were
tested (max 34 C during benchmarking) so no worries there…."

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One thought on “Harry Andreou’s Moleskine Hard Drive Mod

  1. Ouch, poor little notebook (ha).

    I saw this once online and meant to look it up. So glad it’s posted here. I really want to try it, but am chicken. If the hard drive is on long enough and gets too hot, does that scald the remaining paper?

    Didn’t someone cut out the insides and put an mp3 player inside? A small book could work perhaps too. Fun idea.

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