Jen’s 365 Sketches Project



Jen is posting the results of this year's New Year's resolution: one sketch in her Moleskine per day. 

far I'm posting double-pages because sometimes I have two-page spreads,
but it's very difficult for me to keep going with something new every
day. It wasn't so hard when I took one photo a day (2007's resolution),
but a
sketch every day, with continuous upkeep of quality? A little more tough. I may have to start posting single pages only.


Do you have any tips for moleskine bloggers like me, to help keep going?…"

One thought on “Jen’s 365 Sketches Project

  1. I did a “art card” a day for a year last year, but then I gave myself more freedom; a collage, a sketch, doodles, zentangle, anything… a good quality sketch is a pressure, maybe you should widen your idea of a sketch… 🙂

    Good luck!

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