Moleskine icons for Mac users

Reggie alerted us to this set of awesome Moleskine icons for Mac done by by a Deviantart user pica-ae, LINKS: Moleskine Icons Red Moleskine Icons deviantART Moleskine... Read More


OPEN SESSION: The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

Welcome to a OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion. Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic. Today it is: "Writing and music" Others want it full blast, many prefer classical. Or jazz. I... Read More



Last month "Tymcode" joyously reported "Polaroid's PoGo printer: Prints onto Moleskine!" Today, Moleskinerie pal Juan Kerr posted his work/s. View the original image The PoSkine thread at Moleskinerie/FLICKR Related: Official PolaPremium Site Any more early... Read More


The Sketches of Pete Scully

We came across these evocative sketches by Pete Scully in our FLICKR photo stream.His "View of the Bay Bridge from Telegraph Hill" is a refreshing view of a familiar sight. View his FLICKR photosetVisit his blog All images © All... Read More


Inspirational Poster

Millions of copies of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster were printed on the eve of World War II, but never displayed. Now the message has taken on a new lease of life in our troubled peacetime. The simple... Read More


5-year diary Daily Moleskine hack

Lani Teshima has posted pictures of her 5-year diary that she made using a small Daily Moleskine. There are notes on the photos as well that walks us through the process. Learn more at Lani's FLICKR photoset *Anything to stretch... Read More


Harry Andreou’s Moleskine Hard Drive Mod

Everyone's talking about Harry Andreou's Moleskine hard drive mod. We took time to request permission to repost some of his photos and comments. "After having a book as enclosure of my portable hard drive for a year, I realized i... Read More


The Moleskine FOLIO by Rickshaw Bagworks

I just received this beautiful Moleskine FOLIO from Mark Dwight of Rickshaw Bagworks. Quick snaps of “my” FOLIO🙂More photos at Mark’s FLICKR All these goodness started with this... Read More


Sighting: “CSI: Disarmed and Dangerous”

Ann sent screenshots taken from CSI show in Season 9 Episode 12: Disarmed and Dangerous. "The codes inside were written by a bunch of fake FBI agents who caused many deaths in pursuit of bringing a prostitution ring down…" Related... Read More