Removing Bookmarks


Here's an unusual question from Derek at our FACEBOOK group:

What's he best way to remove 'em? It's pretty tough to get at he root with a pocket knife. Anyone have a suggestion?

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11 thoughts on “Removing Bookmarks

  1. You just yank it out, just a good pull. It should be fine. For anyone who wants to KEEP these little buggers, it’s always a good idea to put some nail polish on the end to keep it from unraveling.

  2. I’ve had success just pulling it out from the top… I know it sounds a little simple, but all of mine have easily been removed this way, with no tearing and no damage that I can see.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Scissors. In the past, I’ve also just shoved them down the inside of the spine using a pencil. That way, it’s still there if you decide you need it.

  4. Yeah I was just thinking about this. It would be interesting sometime to hear what other people USE for bookmarks. I’m sure some people would never rip them out, I guess about one-third of us DO, they are creepy little things. I had one unravel so badly that it was all curled up and in pieces. I do something a little strange. I’ll use a card, like a greeting card, and that way I can mark 2 places at once. I use bobby pins in the same way. And I know you aren’t supposed to, but if you just have your journal in the house, the elastic band is actually the best for a bookmark, I think a lot of people do that.

  5. I love the bookmark!! Put clear nail polish on it to stop the fraying–very useful little thing! Also I went to the Flickr discussion page and maybe I am an idiot BUT how do you add a comment to THAT discussion?????

  6. This should be fun–people have been complaining about these bookmarks for years but the actual argument hasn’t come up for awhile.

  7. I like to keep mine, but I imagine cutting it, gluing the end, and shoving the little bit of extra down the spine with a pencil or popsicle stick would work.
    I burned the end of mine together, though.

  8. i once soaked my M in water and the bookmark came off easily. use a dropper to put a few drops of water to the attaching point. Let me know if it works 😛

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