Seven pieces of advice about notebooks


Perry Middlemiss wrote to tell us about this post by Margo Lanagan, a major writer for Young Adults in Australia. Her latest novel (TENDER MORSELS) was named an Honor Book in the 2009 Michael L. Printz Award.

"Starting off a gorgeous notebook involves a certain amount of
self-delusion. I have to pretend that I’m not really recording any of
my own banal thoughts and ideas, and the degree of pretence increases
with the degree of gorgeousness. Some hints for the first page, to get
over the disappointment of seeing your own crazed, ever-deteriorating
handwriting spoiling that nice creamy paper are:
– copy out a quotation from someone else more impressive, or several
people more impressive. If I sit down with the Saturday papers with a
notebook beside me, I usually find a few odd things worth collecting…"

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