Sighting: “Push”


From Moleskinerie pal Alexandra Burge:

"In the movie "Push", which is about psychics.

The "Pop Girl",
who is a watcher, and sees into the future, uses a gridded pocket
moleskine to keep all her drawings in that she sees of the future…"

Official Movie Site

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to Sighting: “Push”

  1. Eric Stephens says:

    Excellent! There are multiple sightings in the movie but Alexandra gets the “props” for finding the picture. Nice work!!!

  2. Nenona says:

    Yeah, there’s quite a few, but a lot of them are quick glances, of maybe 20 seconds, and the only way I could get a picture was to find a copy of the movie online and screenprint it. The one I found was very bad quality, but there’s only two places in the entire movie where it actually shows the elastic band of the journal, and the rounded edges/gridded paper were obvious in this shot, so I chose it.
    There’s also very, very few pictures of the character, despite Her being quite important to the movie. and even less of the moleskine she carries.
    It was awesome to see her with a moleskine, though. She also uses a pen that I’d eventually like to figure out what model it was.

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