3D Moleskine Icons



Joe Mansfield has a new set of 3D Moleskine icons at his site. These were made by Max Brown.


3 thoughts on “3D Moleskine Icons

  1. Many of these things I’ve said myself. Though I think the insert is a lie, sort of–it’s not quite the same as lying about acid-free paper. I just wonder what all of these other companies he chooses to purchase from are up to and not telling him about it. Some sweatshop or whatever but nobody brought HEMINGWAY into the discussion. Makes it sound like we’re all aware of what we’re buying…I’ve thought for a long time. Moleskine is a good product and will endure. But the “fad” side of it is bound to end. So prepare to feel a little funny about it for awhile, or even a little sad, when the “hype” starts to look corny (Because it IS corny and always WAS a little corny). I will always prefer them, but the other thing: That little insert is one of the most influential bits of writing ever. We went from complete obscurity to being the number one selling book nationwide in less than a decade. We’re now common. I still think a fair deal for the price (I think of them more like blankbooks).

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