Book: Script and Scribble


Melville House emailed us about their new book, "Script & Scribble" by Kitty Burns Florey Here's a snip:

"In what has become a largely digitized culture, the once-ubiquitous fountain pen is losing ground as generations of students are trained not in the time-honored methods of penmanship, but in the impersonal skill of keyboarding. In Script and Scribble, Kitty Burns Florey explores the causes and implications of this change and advocates a coexistence of the two — a thoughtful embrace of new technology, with a celebration of the rich and artful tradition of handwritten penmanship.
Florey's charming and informative book explores the evolution of handwriting, from cuneiform and hieroglyphics to Blackletter and Italic to the often hasty scribble of today. Discussing not only the styles of writing, but the instruments used to achieve each, Script and Scribble is a journey from the quill to the keyboard that no penmanship enthusiast should be without…."

Book link

Looks like a nice read, poignant in a way. Your thoughts?