Discussion: Moleskine and UV Ink

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Derek B. at Moleskinerie/FACEBOOK:

think most of us agree that it feels like defacing a personal
possession when you write in a shiny new Moleskine for the first time.
And a lot of times we hate the idea of other people reading what we've
written (for our own good humor of course).

Has anyone tried
writing under a UV lamp with a special UV pen? The pages would remain
blank and your thoughts would remain secret. I think it'd be a pretty
sweet idea. Granted, not the most portable-friendly idea ever, but

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One Response to Discussion: Moleskine and UV Ink

  1. bogiesan says:

    See the fountain pen fanatic sites for “invisible ink” products.
    J. Herbin makes one.


    “The ink turns blue when held under a light or other heat source. Writing disappears as the paper cools. Looks pink in the bottle but writes clear. ”

    david boise ID

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