Discussion: Moleskines and college student uses?

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Moleskinegal started this thread at our Moleskinerie/FLICKR group:

"I was wondering how other college students use Moleskines. Do you write or make art in them? Take class notes?

If you already graduated college, what do you wish you had in college
journals? (Yes, I know plenty of other people than college students use
Moleskines, but I'm wondering about student uses in particular). I
don't really use them for class notes.

Is there anything you wish you had written down, created (art?), etc.
in college? I found Moleskines halfway through college, and am
wondering what else I should "document" in my Moleskine journals to
look back on later (or learn from now). Should I write more about the
daily routine of college life? The challenges, new experiences,
emotions, life stuff, … any other ideas? Did you write about the
transition from graduating college to "adult life"?

In the future, I want to be able to look back and understand who I was
in college (what type of person, what I did every day, how I viewed the
world, my opinions on various things). I think it would be fun to look
at later myself (if I don't lose them), or maybe my future kids could
even look at them someday. Any suggestions?"

[insert something clever here] says:

"I'm a little over half way through my undergrad and I (sort of) recently discovered these as well. I have a three notebook system for general lecture notes, subject specific notes, and daily schedules/thoughts…"

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