IDEA: i-want-a-print


Boaz, a photographer emailed us about his new art website. He writes:

"As a practicing artist I was bothered by the fact that only very wealthy people could afford my work. I thought art should become accessible to more people…

The website is called i-want-a-print. It offers limited editions of prints, presenting artists from around the world, and various mediums. The site I started tries to change this situation, and offer artists and art lovers a new mediating platform.

The result is a beautiful (thanks to our amazing designer) and super-user-friendly website. It also gives respect to the artist and artwork, which was very important to me as an artist…"


Above: Altneuland | © 2007 by Ilit Azoulay

I wonder if this concept would work for notebooks-as-art. Your thoughts and experiences.

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