Impressions (and lots of pics): 2009 Moleskine Daily Planner



Jason Trull shares his impressions on the 09 Moleskine daily Planner, “with too many pictures,” but of course, they’re worth more than a thousand words.

“Sunny Am/rain PM..” 🙂

Read the full review at his blog, “Unposted

5 thoughts on “Impressions (and lots of pics): 2009 Moleskine Daily Planner

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  2. Very nice. Jason always has some great reviews on his blog, and this one was top notch.glad to see it featured here. His blog should be a daily read for any pen/notebook junkie.

    This is a great looking planner from Moleskine, I have to give more of these products a try after having recently discovered the Moleskine Volant Mini notebook…great little notebooks.

  3. Thanks for all of the great comments! I am very happy to be featured here and I am glad that you like the photos. I, like Sophie, wish that Moleskine made thicker notebooks and I think that is what really drew me to this planner. Nr

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