The official website is now back online sporting an all-new look with lots of content including video and gallery links to special projects such as DETOUR and other initiatives.

Among the most notable features in this spanking, brand-new new site:

– A clean, well-organized, pleasing and welcoming index page.

– Easily accessible links to Moleskine World

MoleskineCity – around the world on a notebook.

My Moleskine – a fascinating gallery of submitted works.

– The catalog – at long last.

Custom Editions – feature limited runs for various events, institutions and initiatives.

Events – Makes it easier to track
and attend those sought-after exhibitions.

Dealers’ Area – The inner sanctum, for those in the business.

If you haven’t yet, go check out the new MOLESKINE.COM and be back to leave your thoughts, questions and suggestions.

9 thoughts on “ relaunched

  1. Nice, new look! I’m really impressed. And I love that MSK page function but they need to add all kinds of Moleskine sizes

  2. This website is cool but I was wondering (so maybe others are as well)–I don’t know what they mean by new “folio” editions. It sounds the same but I don’t think most Americans know what A3 and A4 are. I know some notebooks are now XL, maybe that’s what this is refering to.

  3. I really like the sections on environmental sustainability and social responsibility. I think it’s great that M is seeking FSC certification, but I wonder if they might be able to find a better cover material than the toxic PVC? Timbuk2 ditched PVC in favor of a better material for the lining of their bags a few years ago. There are other materials available that would perform the same function and look/feel very similar. (Just my two cents.)

  4. I was always just happy enough so that the covers weren’t leather (and not rubber or something horrible to the touch). I don’t know how toxic the materials are generally (it’s worth looking into)–the only problem I was aware of was that when they were engraving them it really became very dangerous under the laser and so that’s why all that ground to a halt. I don’t know about the production of–or it would have been shut down as well. I’m sure there are many ways to treat cardboard (which is essentially what the moleskine covers are underneath).

  5. PVC is very dangerous to produce. A lot of companies are getting rid of it (car companies, Ikea, Dell, etc.). It sounds like M is moving toward some sense of sustainability, so maybe they can follow suit. I’m with you on the no leather and gross rubber, though. Totally:)

  6. Yeah, I know literally nothing about the subject but there has to be some way to slick up cardboard. Even if the texture were different it wouldn’t necessarily be worse.

  7. I’m with you. 🙂

    I remember those really neat covers they had back in like 2002 with the woven fake leather, the wool, etc. Those were pretty awesome. Unrelated, but they were neat:)

  8. yeah, kind of silly that they have yet to make “” work. they are going to miss all the people who try to directly type in the URL. nobody types “www” anymore.

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