Young Guns 6 and The Undiscovered Letter


Young Guns 6 and The Undiscovered Letter — This two-volume set explodes with creative inspiration. The first volume, Young Guns 6,
is a compilation of the groundbreaking visual media and design chosen
by ADC through their annual design challenge to benefit lettera27. With
an elastic closure and back pocket, it bears the hallmark of the
classic Moleskine notebook. The accompanying volume, The Undiscovered Letter,
is a Moleskine cahier filled with images that envision the 27th letter
of the alphabet. Designers, artists, and others impassioned by visual
creativity will find that this duo of books, with their signature
Moleskine forms, are perfectly at home nestled in the bikebag or next
to the computer.

Based in New
York, The Art Directors Club is an international organization that
recognizes and supports both traditional and digital media.

lettera27 is a not-for-profit organization in Milan devoted to
eradicating illiteracy and furthering education around the world. 

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[Thanks Johnny. Safe biking out there!]

The look of those thick black books give me the creative chills.:)