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Seth Goodling’s Moleskine PDA Hacks

Seth Goodling, on his GTD-modded notebook: "I use two versions depending on my mood and time. If I am feeling crafty, I grab about 20 pages and make notches down the length of the book with a razor blade to … Continue reading

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Discuss: Reasons to Pay Good Money for a Moleskine

Dustin Wax over at LifeHack has 5, and has this caveat: “Before I give my reasons, I should say that there are plenty of worthwhile alternatives to Moleskines (but a spiral-bound notebook isn’t one of them — sorry, Charlie!), some … Continue reading

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The CEO’s notebook

New York Times' Adam Bryant recently interviewed Richard Anderson, chief executive of Delta Air Lines. An interesting excerpt: Q. Are you a list keeper? A. I use Moleskines. It’s just lists of things. Sometimes I’ll just sit down and write … Continue reading

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Home exchange tip: Write your own guidebook

Julie Ovenell-Carter shares her experience with the Moleskine City Notebooks: "During our home exchange to Paris last summer, our best tips didn’t come from Fodor’s or Rough Guide or Lonely Planet but from the pile of hand-picked and well-worn books, … Continue reading

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Webfind: The Art of Manliness

On Tuesdays, the blog "The Art of Manliness" highlights a contribution to their community. Today it is a post from Stephen Young about pocket notebooks. "Of all the tools in your arsenal, without a doubt the most important is your … Continue reading

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Project: Moleskine Speaker

  Patrick Ng's latest project for a GTD initiative: "At the back of this MoleLoudSpeaker, a switch to turn it on, a mic for you to speak to, and a horizontal switch to select either speaker, police siren or … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Rock Balancing

Bill Dan Balancing Rocks at Sausalito downtown. Overheard: "Mad props dude!"

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OPEN SESSION: The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion. Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic. Today it is: "KEEPING A GARDEN JOURNAL" Spring has sprung and so has the pages of many garden … Continue reading

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Watercolor sketches by Juan Blanco

Cabo de Gata – Playa de Agua Amarga Cabo de Gata – Iglesia de las Salinas From our FLICKR pool, these pair of beautiful watercolor Moleskine drawings by artist Juan Blanco done in Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, Spain. The … Continue reading

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Moleskine on TfL

Barry Sampson tipped us off to the TfL site and look! Moleskine City Guides! (Hmmm, looks like they're fresh out. More should be coming soon) LINK

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