Inspiration: Happiness is…


"The happiness industry is booming. And with good reason
– everyone wants to be happy. Today, science can light the way. Brain
researcher Richard Davidson can sum it up quickly: learn to meditate.
Davidson's research studying the brains of longtime Buddhist monks has
discovered that most of the time, the brain that meditates is a happy
brain. And a Harvard-trained neuro-scientist finds nirvana in the devastation
of a stroke…."

To the Best of Our Knowledge on Wisconsin Public Radio


Heard this over WBEZ, my local NPR affiliate while driving yesterday. Thought some of you might be interested. Happy Easter Monday!

3 thoughts on “Inspiration: Happiness is…

  1. We should do like the Peanuts gang, where they say, “Happiness is…a good dog.” Why the sudden interest in meditation? I bet a lot of people do feel journaling is like meditating though I usually don’t. I could say that journaling calms me or that it’s relaxing to go for a walk but that’s sort of different from Buddhist monks. But monks do journal as part of their “practice”.

  2. “…a warm puppy,” actually. I had the Peanuts book as a child.

    Meditation is very “in,” in the West these days. Along with yoga, “green” products, and other potentially quite-good-for-us-if-only-we-didn’t-hyper-commercialize-ever-damn-thing trends.

  3. It’s more than commercialization. It’s getting to the point where we are “bad people” if you smoke, for example. We’re going to guilt one another into buying green products and so on, which may be nec. but it’s going to occasionally be obnoxious too. You find “an absolute good” and then market it to the public and we’re going to have some rabid fanatics about any of a number of things.

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