Mod: Kindle 2 Moleskine case


C.K. Sample III emailed us a link to his version of the Kindle + Moleskine case.

“After seeing one person’s Kindle
Moleskine case, I put together a
slightly better one…”

More at his blog

Hmmm. I’m getting curiouser and curiouser about this Kindle thing:)

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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3 Responses to Mod: Kindle 2 Moleskine case

  1. The Kindle is pretty cool. Like I say in my post, I’ll have a full review up on Obsessable later this week. I already posted a first impressions / hands-on feature last week:

    I’m surprised by how nice the note-taking features of the device are. I still love my Moleskine sketchbooks, but this might be replacing my Moleskine notebook. 😉

  2. Mirabelle says:

    I love Moleskines and I love my Kindle. Never the twain shall meet. The Kindle needs to be treated like a baby. It is very fragile. I don’t see how the Moleskine cover could possibly provide the kind of protection the Kindle needs.

  3. Dally Dong says:

    Laura Fair Rose on Kindle, OMFG

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