MoleskineCity: Brussels


Moleskinerie friend AnnaDenise needs your assistance:

I bought a city Moleskine for Brussels a couple of weeks ago and now I
find out they introduced a new metro system, so the map I have in my
City Moleskine is no longer correct.

Do you know if Moleskine will offer stickers or downloadable pdfs to
update the older versions of the book? I looked on their website and
the city blog, but so far haven't been able to find anything. I'm sure
this has happened before in other cities as well?

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3 thoughts on “MoleskineCity: Brussels

  1. That’s a damn good question! At the very least they should have updates, like an evening edition, and have them ready to send out, wouldn’t you think?

  2. I spoke to my contact at Moleskine srl in Milan – they understand the need to provide updated city map information for the notebooks and are currently exploring some options. Information will be posted on and Moleskinerie as soon as any new tools are available.

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