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Confessions of a Moleskine addict

Stumbled upon this confession, from jenna at "simply delightful." A snip:"Maybe one day I will be able to take this record of my story and turn it into something to publish and share with others. I would say that is … Continue reading

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Sighting: “Quest for the Lost Ark”

The search yielded not only evidence of the ship but also a cameo of our favorite notebook. Alexandra Burge found it in "The Quest for the Lost Ark on History Channel", used by Tudor Parfitt, the host of the show. … Continue reading

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MoleskineCity: Brussels

Moleskinerie friend AnnaDenise needs your assistance: I bought a city Moleskine for Brussels a couple of weeks ago and now I find out they introduced a new metro system, so the map I have in my City Moleskine is no … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Happiness is…

"The happiness industry is booming. And with good reason – everyone wants to be happy. Today, science can light the way. Brain researcher Richard Davidson can sum it up quickly: learn to meditate. Davidson's research studying the brains of longtime … Continue reading

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Thom Glick: Sketching 1 x day/ 365 days

[Drawing #001] "Thom Glick floated up from the bottom of the sea. After scientists cleaned the barnacles and seaweed from his sponge-like body, and equipped him with a magic salt water chest cavity breathing implant, he was secretly allowed to … Continue reading

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Book: Notebook Mods

Instructables has come up with a compilation of the best notebook mods around: "Notebooks and Moleskines are a very useful way of keeping track of projects, steps, notes, ideas, and dates. However, in times when you and several other people … Continue reading

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OPEN SESSION: The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion

Welcome to OPEN SESSION:  The Moleskinerie Open Thread Discussion. Moleskinerie invites you, our visitors to share your thoughts on a special topic. Today it is: "The notebook as a meditation tool" Writing (or illustrating) one's thoughts may be as old … Continue reading

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Sighting: “The Alphabet Killer”

Write M for Moleskine. Friend Leslie Russell sent these evidence. Screencaps from "The Alphabet Killer." Official Movie Site

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The Moleskine Hold by Hard Graft

Hard Graft is an independent creative company with a simple honest approach to design. Based in Austria, in a medieval Schloss surrounded by vineyards and apricot orchards."We're not very big but we're good and we're passionate about what we create. … Continue reading

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Project: Moleskine Kindle2 case

Keith Philpott's clever creation:"When my Kindle2 arrived I wanted to find a case that looked a little more organic that the ones that were popping up everywhere. I trimmed out a few pages from this  5.25 x 8.25 inch plain … Continue reading

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