Seth Goodling’s Moleskine PDA Hacks



Seth Goodling, on his GTD-modded notebook:

"I use two versions depending on my mood and time. If I am feeling crafty, I grab about 20 pages and make notches down the length of the book with a razor blade to create little tabs to separate my sections. If time does not allow, I simply grab those pages and use a marker to color a section.

I should run over with my car. It works for me, I tend to just keep the "chapters" straight in my head…."

More at Seth's blog, "Good Pens"

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One thought on “Seth Goodling’s Moleskine PDA Hacks

  1. It took me a while to realize Seth’s tabs were cut INTO the sides of the notebook. I’ve created tabs the other way, by surgically removing everything except the area under the tabs. I’ll try this next time I need a tabbed notebook which will be in a few weeks when the current unit is full.

    david boise ID

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