Sighting: “Quest for the Lost Ark”


The search yielded not only evidence of the ship but also a cameo of our favorite notebook.

Alexandra Burge found it in "The Quest for the Lost Ark
on History Channel", used by Tudor Parfitt, the host of the show. "…it was
near the end, I can't quite remember where, but the bookmark tipped me

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2 thoughts on “Sighting: “Quest for the Lost Ark”

  1. With regard to the program ” Quest for the lost Ark of the Covenant “, I can only say shame on you Tudor Parfitt. Why are you and all other science and theory based “scholars” so blind to the truth. You were correct when you stated that many of the viewers would be angered by the assumptions you arrived at. Cherubims really were winged monsters? Impossible to create a gold plated vessel in the wilderness? Why don’t you take divine intervention into consideration? Surely the God who created the earth and universe could have lent a hand in the fabrication of the ark. After all, it was His earthly resting place in Old Testament times. Stop wasting your time on a useless search for something that will never be found, try to give the Bible a read with the eyes of your heart and soul and with faith. Do not bend the words of the Bible to suit your own theories. If you do stand before the Lord on the day of judgement, I hope you will never say, “But I Thought…”

  2. Beyond that…
    The ark was said to contain the tablets of the ten commandments. This is possible with the drum. But, the drum is not large enough to contain the staff of Abraham. This drum is the culmination of an idiot. Too bad his parents wasted so much money on his education.

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