Thom Glick: Sketching 1 x day/ 365 days


[Drawing #001]

"Thom Glick floated up from the bottom of the sea. After scientists
cleaned the barnacles and seaweed from his sponge-like body, and
equipped him with a magic salt water chest cavity breathing implant, he
was secretly allowed to join the population of land dwelling humans…."

Now he has committed to doing a sketch-a-day for the entire year. Today is Day 1002102.

Enter Thom's world

The January 1st cat looks interesting.

6 thoughts on “Thom Glick: Sketching 1 x day/ 365 days

  1. Day 102, not 1002.

    I started daily sketches back around Christmas vacation. I made it almost 4 weeks, which is about 26 days longer than my daily photo attempt.

    If you’re getting started, there are some excellent drawing videos by RivenPhoenix and Vilppu on YouTube and other places.

  2. Man, 1002! That would be awesome. What is that? Three years?

    I’m also trying to post a painting a week in addition to the sketch per day. But, the paintings are on board… the sketches are almost always in my trusty Moleskine books, which are piling up surprisingly fast.

  3. The guy with the shades and the cigarette reminds me of Hunter Thompson. Who I miss very much.

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