Wrtng®, anyone?

As Twitter-mania reaches new levels, Slate V presents a mockumentary about a company that wants to take microblogging to the next level.

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I never leave home without pen and paper. 'Nuf said. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Wrtng®, anyone?

  1. I don’t know but I think it’s sort of funny that these kids (and I’m not that old) seem to actualy think they would want these services. I mean, I can see myself needing to cave and get a cell phone? Or needing a laptop to have my computer with me? I can’t imagine anyone wanting to have messages to read inside of their glasses!

    You know awhile back ago companies wanted to rent space in the sky to advertise, having “Michelob” in the night sky and someone told them no. And thank goodness for that. This is sort of different but you’d have to really sort of be sort of strange to want to have this going on all day long, twittering and whatnot.

    I mean what if a bunch of beer companies get together and agree to pay the national debt by plastering advertisements on the sky, on the roads and on every conceivable public space? What would you say? And Pepsi is attached to all of your email but the economy was on top again? I bet they’d have some takers. I think we’d need special glasses to block it out.

  2. I thought this mockumentary was great! I don’t use twitter myself, but I can see how people could take it too far. I can’t imagine anyone wanting updates in their glasses. It would drive me bonkers!

    I’ll stick with e-mail and facebook posts with proper grammar and spelling, thanks.

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