Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing opens


From the Chicago tribune:

"From the outside it is clear the Modern Wing surpasses all the Art
Institute's earlier additions as an architectural statement. From the
inside it also is clear the place affords extraordinary passage. But
now attention shifts from how it looks on its own to how it fulfills
its purpose. How is the building as a museum?

The answer varies depending on where you stand. The Modern Wing
increases the Art Institute's space for education by 235 percent but
gallery space by only 30 percent. So there's exhilaration and
disappointment. And, as with the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Building in
1988, viewers will see a series of experiments that represent different
institutional goals and wishes, some of which changed significantly
during planning…"

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Image: AIC Official Site, North façade of the Modern Wing. Photography: John Faier ©2008. All rights reserved.

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