James Biber’s Moleskine

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Last winter James Biber was invited by I.D. Magazine to fill a Moleskine sketchbook for A Week in Your Life – 13 Book d’Autore, an exhibition of notebooks from 13 architects, designers and writers.
Originally on view in Milan for 2009 International Design Week, the
exhibition has now reached the Art Directors Club in New York, where,
following a
one night viewing for last week’s Stationery Show, it will be exhibited this Friday, May 29 for a viewing timed to Book Expo America.

Watch the video/ Learn more

*James Biber studied architecture and biology at Cornell University
before establishing his own architectural firm in New York in 1984. He
was invited to join Pentagram in 1991, becoming the firm’s second
architectural partner after founder
Theo Crosby.

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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2 Responses to James Biber’s Moleskine

  1. nancy says:

    why has he skipped pages?

  2. James Biber says:

    two reasons:
    to make them special, to keep them apart, like etchings in old books.
    and, the amount of work each collage took was kind of monumental.
    i would still be working on it if i filled every page!

    has a bit more text on my thoughts about my sketchbook.

    James Biber

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